L'Oreal Paris OleoTherapy Hair Care

A 100% Vegan Hair Mask? Yup, L’Oreal Paris Made It Happen

Have any of you heard of the new L’Oreal Paris OleoTherapy hair care line? It has some seriously amazing products and smells incredible. The OleoTherapy line uses 6 flower oils to help bring life back into dry or damaged hair. It has a lovely shampoo and conditioner which smell great and left my hair super smooth and silky, as well as a really exciting hair mask.

L'Oreal Paris OleoTherapy Hair Care

L’Oreal Paris OleoTherapy Hair Care

The OleoTherapy hair mask is 100% vegan and is absolutely wonderful. I love hair masks and I happen to be a vegetarian so this seemed like a match made in hair care heaven. And it was. This mask made my tangled long locks super silky and so easy to brush, which is normally not the case. It left my hair really shiny and soft as well, which I got comments on from a few friends I met up with today.

My hair feels restored and full instead of dry and frizzy. I love the feel of my hair and the scent is really light and summery too. The products are sulfate free and designed to help recover damaged hair. There are a few other treatment products besides the mask, including a Self-Heating Hot Oil Intense Repair Treatment. All of the items int he collection that i have tried have given great results and I definitely plan to try the other treatments soon.

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