The Darkest Lashes I Ever Did See…

When picking a mascara I tend to consider the length, volume, thickness, and definition that each mascara can deliver. Depending on my preferences for that day I will pick a mascara that suits my needs. One factor that i rarely ever consider is the darkness or colour of the actual mascara. I always just buy black and to me it all seems fairly similar. That all changed when I started wearing Rimmel London Scandal’Eyes Curve Alert Mascara.

Rimmel London Scandal'Eyes Curve Alert Mascara

Rimmel London Scandal’Eyes Curve Alert Mascara

This thick tube of mascara has all the usual factors that draw me to a mascara.. it gives great definition, lots of volume, and my lashes look pretty long. However, it also delivers the darkest black I have ever seen in a mascara, and as I have been wearing it over the past few weeks I find that it makes my eyes pop so much more than any other mascara. The super dark formula of this looks almost wet – it is so black and bold that you just can’t miss it. I love the look this mascara delivers and would totally recommend it for a night out or any occasion where you want your lashes to have a real “wow” factor.

You can check it out at and it retails in stores for $7.99

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