Just in Time for the Weekend: False Lashes You’ll Love

Doesn’t every woman want long, full, Kardashian-like lashes? Well I sure do. As much as I love mascara (like this $5 NYC one!) sometimes I want a little more. On special occasions or a big night out I need some extra help in the lash department, and luckily there are some great products out there.

The KISS Ever EZ Lashes are exactly that – easy! These are the best fake lashes I’ve ever found, and in my many years of competitive dance recitals that’s really saying something. These lashes are so simple to apply and come in natural and glam styles. They’re lightweight, reusable, and they look awesome. 

KISS Ever EZ Lashes

KISS Ever EZ Lashes

I’m not one to normally wear falsies and I would never pay for lash extensions, but these false lashes look so natural. I don’t want to end up looking like I’m at a dance recital on a daily basis but adding a little extra oomph to my eyes is okay with me. These KISS Ever EZ Lashes look like natural lashes, just with really great genetics and an awesome mascara. I don’t feel overdone when I wear them and they’re casual enough for a fun night out or a special event. 

They come in a pack of two pairs for just under $7 or in a pack of 5 pairs for just under $13. Seriously, for that price and the simplicity of these lashes you just can’t go wrong! They even include a little applicator to help you get them on. I prefer using my fingers but in some tricky situations this applicator was quite handy. 

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that the glue is not included in these packs so be sure to pick some up yourself! 

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