The October 2014 LipMonthly Beauty Bag Products

Better Late Than Never! My First LipMonthly Review: October 2014

October is actually over now (Happy November!) and I am a little late on this, but I wanted to share my thoughts on my first ever LipMonthly bag. I had been hearing about this beauty box subscription service for a while now, and as a lip product lover I figured it was worth a shot. Unfortunately this is sort of a mixed review, but I will be giving it another shot next month and hoping for better results.

The October 2014 LipMonthly Beauty Bag Products

The October 2014 LipMonthly Beauty Bag Products

The first thing I noticed about the LipMonthly package was the cute little makeup bag it came in. I’m always finding new uses for those so I was happy to get a new one. The second thing I noticed was the awful plastic smell of the bag, which really started my review off in the wrong direction. The makeup bag smelt really strongly of fake plastic and it was so unpleasant that I had to leave it in my closet for a few days before I could take another look.

The October 2014 LipMonthly Beauty Bag

The October 2014 LipMonthly Beauty Bag

Once the smell dies down a bit I was able to check out the products inside. Most of them are brands I had never even heard of before, which can sometimes be a good thing. Sometimes you can be introduced to cool new products or great brands that aren’t available in your area. With these products I was a little let down. Nothing really struck me as that exciting, except for the L.A. Girl eyeliner. Each bag has a non-lip product included and it is a little disappointing that in a lip product package the one thing I liked most wasn’t even a lip product.

The theme of this month’s bag was nude lips, so all of the below items are meant to fit that theme. Here’s what I got in my first LipMonthly bag:

The October 2014 LipMonthly Beauty Bag Products

The October 2014 LipMonthly Beauty Bag Products

Starlooks Lip Scrub: The idea of a lip scrub is great but this one just seemed like brown sugar in a little jar. I was really hoping for something classier or more fancy looking, but the idea of adding a lip scrub was a good thought.

Noyah Lip Balm: I have mixed feelings on this. I can always use another lip balm especially with the colder weather, but it’s clear so how does that work for a nude lip look? The instruction card said to apply clear balm and then remove it before applying lipstick, which makes the balm seem a little irrelevant to me.

JCat Nude Lipstick: It’s a nice colour but again a brand I have never heard of an probably will never see again.

deVine Lip Shimmer: This was pretty interesting. It’s a sheer and shimmery plum lip balm and I actually think i will use this. However it is plum so I have to ask again, how does that work with the nude lip look?

L.A. Girl Eyeliner: This was added to compliment a nude lip with a smoky eye, which is always a good idea. I’m sure I’ll use a basic like this eyeliner so it was nice to have that included.

Overall I just feel very underwhelmed. I was hoping for something more similar to Topbox with brands I know and love, but these were all quite obscure. Maybe I just had too high of expectations for this beauty bag, so I am giving it another shot next month to see if my opinion changes.

Did any of you get a LipMonthly bag this month? What did you think of the products? Or have you heard of these brands and I’m just living under a rock? Leave a comment and let me know!


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