Formula X Nail Polish Is Amazing!

I just tried my very first Formula X Nail Colour last night and I am so impressed with it! I had always seen the brand while browsing at Sephora but I never really paid any attention to it. The other day I made an order online and there was a Formula X shade in the sale section that was calling my name so I added it to my cart. I didn’t know what to expect but now that I have tried it I am really impressed.

Formula X Nail Colour in Impeccable

Formula X Nail Colour in Impeccable

The shade I got is called Impeccable and it’s described as a cocoa bisque on the Sephora site. It actually is a soft, pale mauve shade which is really nice and neutral. It isn’t quite nude but it has a bit of a pink/beige tone to it. You can check out all of the shades here at

The formula is what really blew me away. For such a light colour I was anticipating a few coats to get it opaque but with one coat it was perfect. The formula was smooth and applied so easily. It was pretty much a one stroke wonder. It also dried super fast and even though I bumped my nail about 30 seconds after painting it, there was no dent, scratch, smudge, or anything!

With a crazy fast formula, flawless application, and a huge range of colours I will definitely be picking up more Formula X Nail Colour soon.


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