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The Body Shop Limited Edition Smoky Poppy Scent

Okay I have to admit when I first heard about the new scent from The Body Shop I was a little unsure. What exactly does a poppy smell like? Or a smoky one? Since I couldn’t imagine it myself I knew I had to check out The Body Shop Smoky Poppy scent.

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Limited Edition Scent

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Limited Edition Scent

This is a limited edition scent and is available in all of the classic products, including Body Butter, Shower Gel, Body Scrub, and more. The Body Shop explains the scent as ‘Enriched with real, hand-picked poppy flowers from the Ankara region of Turkey. This sensual and indulgent range is infused with a seductive, euphoric scent that will leave you longing for more.” You can read more about the new scent here at and check out the full range of products.

Although that seemed confusing at first it actually hits the spot just right. The scent is soft, warm, and calming to me. I liked the smell of it at first but as time went on and I kept wearing it I ended up really liking it, and perhaps even loving it. It has a subtle baby-powder type of scent, with a real softness and light tone. It’s feminine and delicate but still keeps it scent for a long time. It definitely has a romantic hint to it and I can totally agree with the seductive and indulgent description. It reminds me of the Vera Wang Princess perfume, which is a classic feminine scent.

The Body Butter is super moisturizing and creamy, and I love putting it on before bed. It’s soothing, smooth, and super softening. I love all Body Butters but this one has a really gentle feel to it. The Shower Gel is great for a relaxing and calming experience, and overall every product in this line is really great.

If you haven’t checked out this new scent you definitely should, since it is limited edition it won’t be around forever!


Obsessed: The Body Shop Body Butter

I think I have an addiction. In the past two months I’ve gone through four containers of body butter and am halfway through a fifth one now. Three of them were the smaller size, but still that is a lot of body butter for one person. I’m clearly obsessed with The Body Shop Body Butter and I just can’t get enough!

The Body Shop Body Butter in Shea, Wild Argan Oil, and Glazed Apple

The Body Shop Body Butter in Shea, Wild Argan Oil, and Glazed Apple

The scents that I’ve been using lately are the Shea, Wild Argan Oil, and Glazed Apple. Currently I’m halfway through a large Satsuma one, and I finished off another small Wild Argan Oil but left the container at my boyfriend’s house. I just can’t get enough of these body butters and really love how soft they leave my skin.

I’ve actually talked about these before because they’re just that great. I told you about my love of the limited edition Glazed Apple scent here, and talked about the Wild Argan Oil scent here. The scents are light and lovely, not too strong or too sweet. That last nicely throughout the day and aren’t overpowering to wear all over your body.

The formula is amazing, and if you haven’t tried a body butter yet then I seriously suggest you do so right away. They’re super creamy, smooth, and so moisturizing. I apply in the morning and by afternoon and evening I am still surprised at how soft my skin is. They rub in really nicely and aren’t sticky at all. You can check out all of the scents at and see which body butter you like best.

I love a lot of The Body Shop products but body butters are by far my favourite. After going through almost five in just two months I definitely think I need to stock up next time I’m out!

My Favourite Seasonal Scent From The Body Shop

I recently posted a great gift guide featuring some awesome gift sets The Body Shop brought out for the season. These gift sets featured the classic scents we all know and love, including Satsuma and Pink Grapefruit, but there are also a few special scents for the holidays. The one I was most surprised with was the Glazed Apple scent, since I usually don’t like green apple candy, candles, or fragrances. The Body Shop Glazed Apple was way different, and I absolutely fell in love with it.

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Mini Shower Gel, Body Butter, and Loofah

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Mini Shower Gel, Body Butter, and Loofah

The Body Shop Glazed Apple scent is fresh, sweet, and just a tiny bit sharp. It has the hint of tart green apples but also has a very nice sweet and soft balance. It isn’t too strong, too sour, or to sickly sweet, but it is perfect for the season. Whether you’re a green apple fan already, or you’re like me and tend to pass over any green candy, this scent is definitely worth a shot.

Every time I use the Glazed Apple Shower Gel it smells like a bright and fresh fruity explosion in the shower. When I moisturize with the Glazed Apple Body Butter it’s a sweet and soft formula that feels refreshing and leaves my skin with a lasting fruity scent. I was surprised at how long the fragrance lingered. Right now you can get the shower gel. body butter, and a loofah in a cute little set for only $10, or check out all the great products with the scent here.

For a long-lasting burst of green apple, try this season scent in any one of the awesome products. There’s soap, shower gel, body butter, home oils, and more. The Body Shop Glazed Apple is my favourite scent for the holiday season and I will definitely be stocking up on these yummy items before they sell out.

Lush Wish List: Star of Wonder Gift Set

I am a huge fan of LUSH Cosmetics and have a ton of shower and facial product from their awesome line of vegetarian and vegan-friendly items. All of the products smell delicious and there is some really unique stuff year-round. Recently I dropped by my local LUSH store and saw a gift set that I fell in love with (*hint hint Santa*) and I just had to show it to you.

LUSH Star Of Wonder Holiday Gift Set

LUSH Star Of Wonder Holiday Gift Set

The LUSH Star of Wonder Gift Set ($54.95) has amazing products that I’d love to pamper myself with this season. There are six sweet products in here, a few of them with the classic season Snow Fairy scent. Snow Fairy is a vanilla and cotton candy scent that is so sweet and and sugary. I love the smell and any product that has that scent automatically makes it onto my wish list.

The six items in this holiday gift are the following:

Snow Fairy Shower Gel: An enchanted blend of cotton candy fragrance and silver luster

Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar: Sweetly scented shimmer bar

Celebrate Hand & Body Lotion: Rich, creamy citrus-champagne body lotion

First Snow Shimmering Dusting PowderCitrus-scented dusting powder with a sparkly touch

Baked Alaska Soap: A zesty blast from head to toe

Bubble Gum Lip Scrub: Brilliant bubblegum sugar for your lips – I have this already and am totally obsessed with it!

The products in this gift set are sugary sweet and exactly my taste. I already know I like the scent of Snow Fairy, I love LUSH lip scrubs, and the new seasonal products sound incredible. Out of all the LUSH holiday gifts, this one is by far my most-wanted.

You can check it out on the website here.

Do you have a LUSH holiday gift set on your wishlist this year? Leave a comment and let me know!

Doesn’t This Sound Like The Most Delicious Shower Scent?

For some reason whenever the holiday season hits I always look for yummy scented bath and body products. There are tons of choices and I recently put together a gift guide featuring some awesome gifts from The Body Shop, which you can check out here. While The Body Shop has more natural scents like Shea, Satsuma, and Glazed Apple, sometimes I want a festive product too. That’s where the new Philosophy Pumpkin Icing Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath comes in!

Philosophy Pumpkin Icing Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

Philosophy Pumpkin Icing Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

The limited edition Philosophy Pumpkin Icing Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath (480ml for $21) is available at select Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada and is an exclusive season scent that sounds so delicious.

The description calls it rich, warm, and decadently delicious, and being a huge pumpkin fan, I am totally interested in this multi-purpose product. One bottle can be used for hair, body, and bubble bath, so you can enjoy the pumpkin scent from head to toe. I have used other Philosophy products before and love how versatile they are. A great lather, sweet scent, and gentle cleanse that leaves skin and hair feeling soft – what more could you ask for?

This is definitely going on my Christmas wishlist!

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Featuring The Best of The Body Shop

The holiday season is here and that means Christmas is coming! If you’re looking for a gift suggestion for the beauty-lovers in your life, or some suggestions for your own wish list, The Body Shop has some really great gift sets that you’re sure to love. There are so many products to pick from and they all come in adorable holiday packaging.

There is also a great cause that goes with these great gifts. The Body Shop has a partnership with War Child this year so for every gift you buy one class will be provided to a child in a war-torn country.

From bath products to body butter, argan oil to apple, there’s something for everyone in these gift sets. They range in price as well so you can shop for everyone on your list and stay on budget. Check out for all of their gift sets, and see my personal favourite picks below!

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Featuring The Best of The Body Shop Products

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Featuring The Best of The Body Shop

1. The Body Shop Glazed Apple Tin of Delights, $40. This festive and fresh tin features an Eau de Toilette, Body Butter, and Lip Balm in the seasonal Glazed Apple scent. It also comes with a little green loofah and a Glazed Apple Body Polish to keep skin soft and supple. This set also comes in the Vanilla Brulee and Frosted Cranberry fragrances.

2.The Body Shop The Best of Body Butter Snow Globe, $20. The adorable snow globe packaging holds 5 of the iconic Body Butter scents: Coconut, Strawberry, Shea, Moringa, and Satsuma. Sample all of these scents that are made with fair trade shea butter from Ghana, and feel the incredible luxury of Body Butter all season long.

3. The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Tube of Treasures, $20. This decorative tin features limited edition Vanilla Brulee products including Shower Gel, Body Butter, and Body Polish. This set also comes in the Frosted Cranberry fragrance.

4. The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar, $50. This in-store only gift set is a Christmas miracle. It’s an advent calendar full of best-sellers and seasonal specialties, with a value of $129 of product inside. The fun of opening a door every day and finding a new bath, beauty, or body product will excite any woman on your shopping list!

5. The Body Shop The Joy Bringing Music Box, $40. This gift set features three great scents in pairs of both Body Butter and Lip Butter. Pamper your lips and your skin in Strawberry, Shea, and Honeymania scents, and finish off with a spritz of Moringa Eau de Toilette.

All of these gift suggestions have some really fantastic products in them. I am a huge fan of The Body Shop and use many of their products daily. You can check out some of my past posts and reviews on items such as these $10 Hand Creams that are super lightweight, the Brazil Nut scented Body Butter and Beautifying Oil, and the three scents that remind me of summer.

Are you putting any of these gift sets on your wish list? Leave a comment and let me know which ones you’re asking Santa for this season!

A $10 Hand Cream You Can’t Miss

Cooler weather can bring some beauty problems that nobody wants to deal with. Dry skin, chapped lips, frizzy hair.. With windy weather and colder temperatures we might require a little extra TLC to stay beautiful but don’t worry, I found something you won’t want to miss. The Body Shop Hand Cream comes in a cute $10 travel size tube and it’s a total skin saver.

The Body Shop Hand Cream

The Body Shop Hand Cream

These hand creams are enriched with Community Fair Trade Shea Butter from Ghana and are super lightweight. They aren’t greasy or oily, and have a gel-like feel. The silky smooth formula comes in eight core scents, including some of my personal favourites like coconut and pink grapefruit.

The scents are light enough that they don’t overwhelm you but they still leave a lovely fragrance to enjoy. The formula absorbs quickly and sinks right into my skin. And the foil tube is great because it gets all the cream out and doesn’t fill up with air like typical plastic tubes.

Oh yeah, did I mention the best part? The Body Shop Hand Creams are only $10 for a 30ml travel size and they seriously last forever. Check out all the different scents here at to find your fave.