Lush Wish List: Star of Wonder Gift Set

I am a huge fan of LUSH Cosmetics and have a ton of shower and facial product from their awesome line of vegetarian and vegan-friendly items. All of the products smell delicious and there is some really unique stuff year-round. Recently I dropped by my local LUSH store and saw a gift set that I fell in love with (*hint hint Santa*) and I just had to show it to you.

LUSH Star Of Wonder Holiday Gift Set

LUSH Star Of Wonder Holiday Gift Set

The LUSH Star of Wonder Gift Set ($54.95) has amazing products that I’d love to pamper myself with this season. There are six sweet products in here, a few of them with the classic season Snow Fairy scent. Snow Fairy is a vanilla and cotton candy scent that is so sweet and and sugary. I love the smell and any product that has that scent automatically makes it onto my wish list.

The six items in this holiday gift are the following:

Snow Fairy Shower Gel: An enchanted blend of cotton candy fragrance and silver luster

Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar: Sweetly scented shimmer bar

Celebrate Hand & Body Lotion: Rich, creamy citrus-champagne body lotion

First Snow Shimmering Dusting Powder: Citrus-scented dusting powder with a sparkly touch

Baked Alaska Soap: A zesty blast from head to toe

Bubble Gum Lip Scrub: Brilliant bubblegum sugar for your lips – I have this already and am totally obsessed with it!

The products in this gift set are sugary sweet and exactly my taste. I already know I like the scent of Snow Fairy, I love LUSH lip scrubs, and the new seasonal products sound incredible. Out of all the LUSH holiday gifts, this one is by far my most-wanted.

You can check it out on the website here.

Do you have a LUSH holiday gift set on your wishlist this year? Leave a comment and let me know!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash, Toner, Lotion, and Oil

Banish Blemishes with The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection

My skin care is a very specific subject for me and I rarely try anything new on my face. Recently though I wanted to switch it up and I found some products that I really like. I have been using LUSH products for the past few years and although I have had really good results I felt like I needed a change. I used the Tea Tree Toner from LUSH, which you can read about here at I really like the tea tree scent so I decided that The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Collection would be the best thing for me to try next.

I have been super interested in the Tea Tree Oil, which is a bestseller at The Body Shop. I went in the store and got a sample of the Tea Tree Oil, along with a few samples of the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash. I have also had the Tea Tree Face Mask for a while now, and I really like that product. After trying the two new items for a few days I decided that I was ready to take the plunge and I switched up my whole skin care routine.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash, Toner, Lotion, and Oil

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash, Toner, Lotion, and Oil

It was a scary step to take but I put my LUSH supplies on the shelf and bought a full line of The Body Shop products. I’m currently using the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash, the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner, the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion, and the Tea Tree Oil. With these four products I have already seen some changes in my skin, and so far I think I like the results. The first few days I had a few new blemishes show up. but with anything new it takes some time. It’s been about 10 days now and I can see that my skin is getting more clear and it feels refreshed and bright.

I am definitely going to continue with these products and maybe add in a few others, and I will be sure to keep you updated on the results. I have heard a lot of great things about the benefits of tea tree products so this seems pretty promising. I have always been a fan of The Body Shop so I’m glad to say that I could be adding these products to my regular skincare routine.

Have you used any tea tree based products? Let me know how they worked for you!

LUSH Neon Love Soap

This pretty little soap from LUSH is called Neon Love and it’s made with passion fruit juice and soya yogurt to nourish skin. Neon Love was a special Valentine’s Day release so hurry over to your local LUSH store and pick some up before it’s all gone. It smells deliciously fruity and lathers up really well to leave skin feeling soft and moisturized.

LUSH Neon Love Soap

Get Delicious Kissable Lips With Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub and Santa Baby Lip Tint

Santa's Lip Scrub and Santa Baby Lip Tint

Santa’s Lip Scrub and Santa Baby Lip Tint

A hint of cherry red colour and a delicious cola flavour… what more could you ask for in a Lush Lip Tint?

Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint

Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint

If you aren’t familiar with Lush Lip Tints they are adorable lip balms made of¬†moisturizing ingredients like cocoa butter, Shea butter and carrot oil. The Santa Baby Lip Tint is a pretty red balm for the holiday season and it has so much pigment that it is more like a matte lipstick. You get some serious colour payoff with just a single swipe, and you can build it up for more colour. It isn’t stick or glossy or thick, which is wonderful, and it feels light as a feather on your lips.

Swatch of Santa Baby Lip Tint

Swatch of Santa Baby Lip Tint

This pretty tin of Lip Tint is just under $10. There are a few other flavours available year round so if you missed out on this holiday hue you can check out the other Lip Tints at

To prep your lips before the Santa Baby Lip Tint (or any other balm) I reach for the delicious Santa’s Lip Scrub. Made with natural ingredients like sugar and coconut oil, this Lush Lip Scrub gently exfoliates and leaves your lips smooth and supple. It has the same sweet cola flavour as the balm and it smells so good.

Lush Santa's Lip Scrub

Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub

Lip Scrubs are a great way to keep lips health, moisturized, and super soft during the dry winter season. Just like the Lip Tint, Santa’s Lip Scrub is a holiday special but there are many other yummy Lip Scrubs available at