February 2014 Topbox Contents

The February 2014 Topbox is My Favourite One Yet

I’ve been a subscriber of Topbox for a few month now and have yet to be truly wowed by any boxes as a whole. Sure, there are product in each that I am really happy with, but as an entire box there has never been one with all items really impressing me. Until this month that is! The February 2014 Topbox is my favorite one I have ever received and I am so excited to show you what the products are.

You can subscribe to Topbox for $12/month, which is a really good price compared to some of the other beauty boxes out there.

February 2014 Topbox Contents

February 2014 Topbox Contents

This month the Topbox had an Essie nail polish which was a huge win right off the bat. Plus the colour was phenomenal – Head Mistress, a gorgeous raspberry red cream.I adore Essie polishes so this was pretty exciting to get in this month’s box. Plus Essie polishes retail for around $10 so it was almost the cost of the box by itself.

It also included an Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant which is something I have gotten in a previous Topbox and absolutely loved. I use this on my hands and they stay super moisturized and smooth for such a long time. I haven’t timed it to see it actually is 8 hours but hey, close enough! It feels super luxurious and has a bunch of other uses as well.

The next item is an Epic Blend Lip Balm which I haven’t heard of but after some quick research I saw some good reviews. I’ll have to give that a try to get my real opinion but in general I like lip balms and can never have enough of those so it seemed like a good product.

Last but not least is the So Susan Lip & Cheek Sublime. I’ve never heard of So Susan but I’m always up for a new lip colour to check out and if it doubles as a cheek stain then why not. It’s a pretty colour and I look forward to trying it out.

Overall this month the Topbox impressed me with my first look. Two of the four items I know I love so that is a great start, and the other two look pretty promising. Just when I was losing faith in Topbox it went and wowed me, so I might stick around a little longer with my subscription.

Did any of you get a Topbox this month? If so, what did you think of the products? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

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